Note down what's important without  hassle

Twitter style notetaking, but without a fixed limit!  
Use of #hashtags to find you stuff

Memorize everything in life

Whether there is a work-related event or a personal topic, is here to help you memorize and recall all your topics.

Research the past

Scroll back in history, eather like in a social network ("endless scrolling") or research via a #hashtag or a search term.


Easy to use interface

All the magic, if it is adding an entry, or researching existing entries happens from the same simple interface

Collaborating with others

Log entries together with your partner, family or your co-workers. Stay productive together!

Access from multiple platforms

Access your entries and add entries from any devide. Currently supporting computer and mobile view. Native apps to follow soon. Logging things done has never been this easy.

Logging like a skipper

Inspired by the need of noting down what's happening or was has been done.  But with all possible usecases in mind.  

Check out usecases from personal journaling, to logbooks of systems and machines, up to bird tracking... whatever you are up to!




"My favorite app of the entire year, which is my journaling app. It's called" (Josch - Reddit)  

.. They are all loving it..

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